Tuesday, July 12, 2016

3 Tools for Managing Offshore Software Development

Outsourcing software development may bring rewards in terms of cutting costs and mining talent. However, it can also come with drawbacks – especially in terms of project management.

Luckily, there are tools you can use to track your team’s metrics, facilitate communication, and assess project status. They’ll help you keep everyone on your team on the same page, wherever they may be in the world.

Here are three examples: 

Pivotal Tracker

Designed for web and mobile developers, Pivotal Tracker presents users with a main Project Page that serves as a team’s “big board.” With everyone up-to-date on project activities from this top-level view, they can use Pivotal Tracker to list, browse, edit, and monitor the smaller components of a project. Team members can message each other, create workflows, flag and track milestones, and more.        

As added bonuses, Pivotal Tracker can be used for free by three collaborators. Paid use starts at $15 per month for a team of five.


JIRA offers customizable tools to manage work tickets, track and support issues, plan sprints, prioritize backlogs, create workflows, and review reports. It also allows users to forecast realistic roadmaps, manage team resources, and gain access to a set of APIs – tools developers need to make their app function in relation with other software.

It’s the project management software used by heavy hitters like Adobe, Salesforce, and LinkedIn.

Telerik TeamPulse

Telerik TeamPulse monitors agile software development. Its various tools can be customized to fit the schedules, sprints, milestones, iterations, and deliverables that guide developers.

Critics point to a status history report as one of its best features. This is particularly useful in pinpointing where bottlenecks in the workflow occur. Another highlight is its client communication portal. Through this, clients can easily provide feedback which a project manager can break down into new tasks listed and monitored by the software.

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