Thursday, September 29, 2016

Be Inspired by Wish: A Mobile App that’s Making Over $3 Billion a Year

If someone told you that an up-and-coming shopping app is poised to make a billion sales every year, you might be thinking that he’s joking. After all, Alibaba, which launched in 1999, got nearly $400 billion in 2014, while Amazon, which went live in 1995, did an estimated $180 million in gross merchandise volume in 2014. Growing an online shop definitely takes time.

Yet one shopping app, Wish, is defying expectations and is making $3 billion a year. In fact, CEO Peter Szulczewski estimates that their company will be the second or third trillion-dollar-a-year marketplace, depending on how well Amazon would do in India.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Making Exciting Ideas Work through Mobile App Development Companies

Truth be told, there are countless of dating apps aiming to lead a person to a potential date, and the introduction of a new one wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Yet TrueView is different – in fact, this app has been dubbed as the “next big thing in online dating” and the “Facebook of the dating world”. This app has unexpectedly achieved success in a competitive market simply by integrating a real-time micro-blogging experience into the usual experiences of a dating site.

As a mobile app development company would tell you, TrueView is just among the many examples of successful apps grounded on solid ideas.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Quick Primer on Multi-Level Software Testing

As you know, software, like all products, needs to be tested before it hits the market. If you’re working with an offshore development company, the need might be even greater as you determine whether or not you and your remote team are on the same page about how the software should be. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Moving from a Web App to a Mobile App

Now that more people are using their mobile phones to do just about anything, including making a purchase, businesses should realize that catering to mobile users should be among their priorities. If you currently have a web app, here are the necessary steps that need to be made to complete and manage the leap into mobile. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Brainstorming with App Developers for Hire? Keep These 4 Apps in Mind

Are you finally executing an app idea you’ve had for a while? You may have very sound plans in your head, and a team of competent app developers for hire at your back, but there’s still one thing you need to do. You need to scope out which apps are clicking, which apps are not, and which apps aren’t there so you can fill in the gap.

To jumpstart your review, here’s a short list of top-grossing apps on the U.S. iOS store in the first week of August 2016.


The rapidfire matchmaking app, Tinder, ranks first among Lifestyle apps. This might not come as a surprise for the category – romance is always on people’s minds.

Friday, September 2, 2016

iPhone 7 Features Mobile Development Companies Can Get Creative With

It’s no longer news but it’s still stirring up the tech world: Apple is releasing the latest version of its signature phone, the iPhone7, in a little less than a month. The iconic gadget, along with variants, is slated for launch on September 7.

Here’s a sneak peek of three of the device’s features, based on leaks reported by Forbes. Just imagine what these new features can make possible for users around the globe – and the opportunities they’ll open up for mobile app development companies, which can employ the iPhone 7 to make the smartphone even more exciting.